National Dental Hygiene Board Review




Hello Ms. Tomko,
I wanted to follow up with you regarding your study session that I attended in January in Pittsburgh PA.

I passed my National Board of Dental Hygiene Exam on my first try.

Thank you for your review session. It was fantastic and proved to be totally worth it.
Thank you again!


Dear Paula !
I want to say Thank you very much for you help , good advice and care !!!! I enjoyed the time spent in your online class. You are a big professional in dentistry and I am very greatfull to you, because you share your knowledge and great experience . The organization of on-line class was excellent ! And your book is awesome !!! Thank you very much !

A recent student

Thanks again for the review! It was so helpful! I am especially thankful for the practice questions. I believe they will help greatly with the board. I will let you know how I do!

Lindsey S

I just wanted to let you know that each of us passed the national dental hygiene board exam. We were the group of three students and one faculty member that you held a review course for in St. Louis. Thanks again for having that review session for us!

Ann from another St. Louis MO class (Instructor who attended the class)

Thank you for a very beneficial class. You have done a fantastic job with your review book. I am definitely going to recommmend it to my director. Also you have a very engaging clqassroom style and I enjoyed your presentation very much.

Rusty from Saginaw, MI class

This was my third time taking the test. I honestly believe it was your class that helped me to pass it this time.

May. from New Orleans. LA class

I had failed 2 times and was never told by my instructors that since I had a learning disabiltiy that I could take the test over 2 days. With the help of your class and taking the test over 2 days, I finally passed the test!

Allison from Wrightsville Beach, NC class

I PASSED!!!    How incredibly awesome is that? I'm thrilled and I just found out last weekend. I have to thank you so so so much for your all help. I don't think I could have done it without you. Thank you.

Theresa from Syracuse, NY class

I attended your National Board Review at Syracuse in the beginning of June. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my boards with flying colors!! Thank you so much for helping me review, and for the great book to use! The office I work in as a Dental Assistant is going to hire me as a hygienist!! I can't wait to start working! Thank you again for your help!

Ashley from Denver, CO class

Great speakers! Great book with side note hints on things to remember! Good job! Great audiovisuals! Great course.

Heather from Asheville, NC class

I enjoyed it and the repetition did help. I really did get alot out of this class and the quizzing helped.

Jessica from Flint, MI class

Course overall rating 100+ %

Maria from Pittsburgh, PA class

Terrific! Thank you for re-introducing me to the thought process of National Boards. This will make my move to Florida alot easier. (Florida requires a national board exam be taken if you have not taken the exam within the past 10 years)

Veronika from Baltimore, MD class

Case studies were awesome! This course made me feel less intimated by them (case studies). You guys were great. THANKS!